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[audio](Petroglyph259) Laura Weixelbaum - Terra Tremuit - Laura Weixelbaum
Tracklist: 1. ISHTAR'S WAY (Ishtar prayer, Supplication of the butchered woman, Ave Maria, Terra Tremuit) 2. UPPHAF (Sigurd & Gudrun Legend) We welcome Laura Weixelbaum to our label."She is a really individual and original singer, who doesn’t care about daily fashion, she is obeying just for her inner urge, and because of it mighty energies explodes in her production. The evoking singing of her takes you to the ancient world of shamans, where her voice is able to comprise the stormy wild f...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Laura Weixelbaum; Experimental; vocals; Spoken words; poem; fieldrecording5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio](Petroglyph258) Ulises Labaronnie & Øystein Jørgensen - Saturn - Ulises Labaronnie & Øystein Jørgensen
Petroglyph Music presents a collaboration album from Ulises Labaronnie & Øystein Jørgensen. Cover Image & inspiration: Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn / NASA - ESA SATURN Love to astronomy is a common place in many musicians, Like the Pythagorean idea "There is possible astronomy without music but not music without astronomy". This work is about a musical intuitive description of various Saturnian System´s aspects...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Ulises Labaronnie & Øystein Jørgensen; Ulises Labaronnie; Øystein Jørgensen; Ambient Fabric; Saturn; Experimental; Drone; Ambient; Soundscape; Space; Argentina; Norway
Downloads: 83
[audio](Petroglyph257) Tuonela [an error occurred while processing this directive] - Tuonela
New great release from Tuonela. "An album of noise, drone and experimentation by Tuonela and his one-time alter-ego, Doctor M'Hhhhhhhble. In the spirit of the title, much of the album is made from questionable cuttings, accidents of mixed fortune, random samples, amateurish overloads and ill-advised experiments. Some of the Dr M tracks have been remixed. Some haven’t. Itis considered inadvisable to listen to "Smoke filled room [extended mix]" in a darkened room, with or without chemical liste...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Tuonela; [an error occurred while processing this directive]; Experimental; Noise; Soundscape; Noisescape; Ambient; Manipulation; Australia
Downloads: 24
[audio](Petroglyph256) Ijo Pona - Mechanised Warfare - Ijo Pona
Ijo Pona is a new project by a respected musician.He / She (deleted according to prejudice) does not wish to disclose his / her (deleted according to prejudice) identity and leave the work to speak for itself. Ijo Pona (website) Petroglyph Music (website) September 2. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Ijo Pona; Noise; Experimental; Electronic
Downloads: 32
[audio](Petroglyph255) Desh Alb Project - Society - Desh Alb Project
Walter Fini (Desh Alb Project) is back with a new great release. Tracklist 1. Nihilistic 2. Spaziergang 3. Stalker 4. Agoraphobia 5. Relationships 6. Mediterraneo (Mare mortuos) 7. Bads waters from chemical sky 8. Stop the wars "Desh Alb Project was born at the beginning of 2013. I mainly propose dark ambient, but more generally electronic music composed with virtual synth and I Pad. My music is moving between light and dark, in a place where suggested melodies melt in the dissonance of the pur...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Desh Alb Project; Society; Walter Fini; Experimental; Ambient; Electronic
Downloads: 58
[audio](Petroglyph254) Head Joint - The Ambitar Collection - Head Joint
New great release from Head Joint. "Basically all the songs in this album are ambient layers with electric guitar and an E-Bow.." HEAD JOINT Head Joint has been recording since 2003. Genres Progressive Rock, Experimental/Experimental Rock, Fusion, Electronic, Ambient (made for Eve Online and Petroglyph Music), Nature, A Cappella Group Members Victor Rivkin (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Gemshorns, Trumpet, Drum Machines, Electric Organ, Keyboards, and Production) Michael ...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Head Joint; The Ambitar Collection; Ambient; guitar; experimental; drone; Canada; USA
Downloads: 60
[audio](Petroglyph253) Their Teeth To Points - the house has only three walls but the lake is deep enough to drown in - Their Teeth To Points
New great release from "Their Teeth To Points". Tracklist 1. a disease of creaking floors 2. maggots in the attic 3. weakened by rain 4. at the edge of the lawn the dogs are gathering dust 5. we shed skin, kept teeth in the cupboards 6. a blue lm over the eyes 7. sympathy for the ventriloquists 8. the weather made us say dicult things 9. his head is turning to yarn; i could unspool it and let it follow me Their Teeth to Points is a solo experimental music project, based near Toronto...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Their Teeth To Points; Ambient; Dark ambient; experimental; Canada
Downloads: 56
[audio](Petroglyph252) Cousin Silas - Singular Passion - Cousin Silas
Tracklist 1. Singular Passion 2. The Black Guitar 3. In a Crowd Alone 4. First Landing On Icarus IV 5. Unity 6. Imaginary Islands 7. With Folded Hands We welcome Cousin Silas to our label. Cousin Silas is the stage name of English electronic music artist David Hughes. The name comes from a character in King Crimson's song, "Happy Family". He has released over forty albums on various netlabels. Between 1990 and 2000 he wrote several short stories, poetry, prose, and rticles that were published i...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Cousin Silas; Singular Passion; Guitar; Ambient; Drone; Atmosphere; Soundscape
Downloads: 96
[audio](Petroglyph251) Rogelio Nobara & Chris Silver T. - acid kids on the neighborhood´s roofs - Rogelio Nobara & Chris Silver T.
Petroglyph Music presents a great new release from Chris Silver T and Rogelio Nobara. Rogelio Nobara : acoustic guitar, electric guitar, field recording Chris Silver T : electronics, field recording, cymbals “acid kids on the neighborhood´s roofs” The downtown . . . the streets, ¨el barrio¨, dogs, cars, buses, people coming and going looking for a piece of life and closer to heaven on the neighborhood´s rooftops ...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Rogelio Nobara & Chris Silver T; Chris Silver T; Rogelio Nobara; ambient; experimental; Collaboration
Downloads: 86
[audio](Petroglyph250) Meho - Last Train To Nowhere - Meho
New great release from Meho. "My name is Meho and I work under the project name Meho. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from time to time I reside in Sweden because of work. The creation I put out is computer based with sampled and recorded sounds which is the core, I also use some plug-ins. My main source of inspiration is from my travels and the situation in Bosnia which is kind of hopeless and dark, and also where I live in Bosnia which is kind of isolated place like most of the places in Bos...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Meho; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 61
[audio](Petroglyph249) Fabio Keiner - Song Offering - Fabio Keiner
We welcome Fabio Keiner to our label. "I came late to music and music making; interested in sound rather than in music ('I hate music, but I love sound':)) - in the sound of wind and waves (and windharp and generative programs and humming:). if a decisive influence, than that of giacinto scelsi and of klaus wiese, whose music taught me a lot and is stull teaching me. Fabio Keiner (website) Petroglyph Music (website) August 1...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Fabio Keiner; Ambient; Improvisation; abstract; experimental; Guitar
Downloads: 50
[audio](Petroglyph248) eisenlager - wanderweg - eisenlager
We welcome eisenlager (glasklinge zeitenlicht/Midnightradio 11) to our label. eisenlager (glasklinge zeitenlicht/Midnightradio 11) is a experimental sound artist from Germany. Tracklist 1. Himmelholzsteg featuring (Philippe Gerber John316, Wings of an Angel, Kostas Staikos, Substak) 2. Königspfad 3. Glasbrücke 4. Die Treppe des Xiangfengshan Bergs 5. Heidschnuckenweg wanderweg: all sounds by eisenlager /glasklinge zeitenlicht but: track one#Himmelholzsteg, thank you for drones: Philippe Gerb...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; eisenlager; experimental; Ambient; electronic; glasklinge zeitenlicht; zucker knopf; Julia Z; Philippe Gerber; John316; Wings of an Angel; Kostas Staikos; Substak; Germany; Midnight radio
Downloads: 260
[audio](Petroglyph247) Soft Altars - In Radiant Darkness - Soft Altars
We welcome a new project titled "Soft Altars" Soft Altars is the dark electronic 'drum and drone' side project of sp3ct3rs In Radiant Darkness ep - release info: Where the majority sp3ct3rs work was focused around external forces, yet desiring to dissolve the space around the individual, harness powers of the occult, or divine variant futures; this first release as Soft Altars is a look inward. It is an exorcism of dark internal forces, in some cases seeing them for what they are, of calling th...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Soft Altars; Experimental; Ambient; Electronic
Downloads: 68
[texts](Petroglyph247) Soft Altars - In Radiant Darkness - Soft Altars
Keywords: petroglyph-music
Downloads: 2
[audio](Petroglyph246) The Electric Poet - The Electric Poet
Tracklist 1.Plunder 2.Costs we will pay 3.A quick fix for a sinking ship 4.sunset 5.obedient to his rule 6.It is what it is 7.Death Circus 8.Vices 9.Fear New great release from "The Electric Poet". "I started recording in 2002 with a 4-track and i never really changed my style of recording, a few years later i started uploading the 4-track recordings onto to my computer where i could edit them with adobe audition, and this has been basically how i have recorded the tracks for years now...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; The Electric Poet; Ambient; experimental; electronic; USA
Downloads: 49
[audio](Petroglyph245) No Way Out - Noise Orchestra - No Way Out
New great release from No Way Out (Adrien Mailler). No Way Out is a french project started around the year 2009. "No Way Out is my main musical project (beside In Excelsis, Dedale(s), Necrodome Inc. &, ect). With No Way Out I explore various fields such as Dark Ambient, (Harsh) Noise, Orchestral-Martial, Electro-Acoustic and Concrète Music. Sounds becomes raw material to sculpting long architecturals landscapes that's reveal the inner feelings of the listener, through intensity and introspecti...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; No Way Out; experimental; ambient; drone; industrial; France
Downloads: 87
[audio](Petroglyph244) Motorpig - Before eden - Motorpig
We welcome Motorpig to our label. Motorpig is an experimental electronic project from Kiev, Ukraine. It exists since 2012. Its music is often classified under ambient genre but ranges from dark/drone ambient to minimalistic abstract soundscapes and noisy electronica. Varieties of acoustic instruments combined with field-recordings and algorithmic software adapted to generate sonic flow are widely used as methods to compose music...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Motorpig; Dark Ambient; Drone; Ambient; Abstract; Experimental; Ukraine
Downloads: 96
[audio](Petroglyph243) Trabouliste & Wilke - Landschaftspark - Trabouliste & Wilke
We welcome Trabouliste & Wilke to our label. About the album Landschaftspark: We called our recording "LANDSCHAFTSPARK". This refers to the industrial monument of Duisburg (Ruhr-District, Germany), which is called "Landschaftspark Nord" (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landschaftspark_Duisburg-Nord) and impressed as well as inspired us. So the main title of the recording "LANDSCHAFTSPARK" and the name of the last track "NORD" shape a bracket, which is mostly filled with buildings inside the pa...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Trabouliste & Wilke; improvisation; selfgenerating experimental noise; noise; sound exploration
Downloads: 77
[audio](Petroglyph242) Eensdenkend - Aeon - Eensdenkend
We welcome Eensdenkend to our label. Eensdenkend is a hungarian one-man-project by Adam Kalamár. It started in 2009 under The Grey Field Project name. In this project he makes various experimental music. This is a special edition with two bonus tracks. Tracklist 01. Vándorló gondolatszilánkok 02. We saw the yesterday storm 03. Deep white 04. Daydreams of black widow 05. Amber clouds 06. Blue noise 07...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Eensdenkend; ambient; experimental; Noise; Hungary
Downloads: 98
[audio](Petroglyph241) tamayurakurage - Eruption No1 - tamayurakurage
We welcome tamayurakurage(玉響海月) The meaning of(玉響海月)is" Momentary jellyfish". tamayurakurage(玉響海月)is an experimental / ambient producer from Japan. Cover image by cicciofarmaco tamayurakurage (website) Petroglyph Music (website) June 19. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; tamayurakurage; experimental; noise; ambient; Japan
Downloads: 64
[audio](Petroglyph240) Dark Frequencer - Aural Connection - Dark Frequencer
01. Aural Connection 02. Language Of Angels 03. Voices In The Fog 04. Tearful Mystery Music by - Dark Frequencer Artwork by - Dark Frequencer Mastered by - OnlineProMastering We welcome Dark Frequencer to our label. Dark Frequencer is one man underground project from Poland. His music is inspired by sci-fi and horror films from the 70's. He deftly moves between various types of electronic music, wherever dark ambient rules...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Dark Frequencer; Dark Ambient; experimental; electronic
Downloads: 339
[audio](Petroglyph239) Their Teeth To Points - The Stillborn Evening - Their Teeth To Points
Tracklist: 1. we got tired 2. 540 3. gurgles of outflow 4. flies follow a pattern 5. we still haven’t found the nouns We welcome Their Teeth to Points to our label. Their Teeth to Points is a solo experimental music project, based near Toronto. I use a variety of sound manipulation techniques to generate unusual audio textures and dark atmospheric soundscapes. A lot of my work relies on custom sound effects and sound manipulation software that I have developed myself over the last couple of y...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Their Teeth To Points; experimental; ambient; electronic; Canada
Downloads: 76
[audio](Petroglyph238) A Espiral de Bukowski - B1620-25i - A Espiral de Bukowski
We welcome "A Espiral de Bukowski" (AEdB) to our label. A Espiral de Bukowski (AEdB) is Cesar Zanin (synthesizer, effects processor, sampler, loop station) and Mariana (keyboard with effect pedals, accordion, melodica). 1 -­‐ Pitagoras Visitam Matusalem Antes da Gramatica Universal -­‐ parte 1 (2:20) 2 -­‐ Pitagoras Visitam Matusalem Antes da Gramatica Universal -­‐ parte 2 (5:39) 3 -­‐ Pitagoras Visitam Matusalem Antes da Gramatica Universal -­‐ parte 3 (3:36) 4 -­‐ Pitago...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; A Espiral de Bukowski; AEdB; experimental; drone; ambient
Downloads: 58
[audio](Petroglyph237) My Own Cubic Stone - Damocloids - My Own Cubic Stone
New great release from Marc Garin with his project "My Own Cubic Stone". You can find his first release HERE My Own Cubic Stone is a single man project born a night of 2009 and based on a windy hill somewhere in France. "My raw material is the sound, sounds, and noises. I sometimes use guitars, keyboards, Theremin, computers, samples and VST plugins (or AU). I'm structured by sounds. I have no favorite musical genre...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; My Own Cubic Stone; experimental; Dark Ambient; Drone; Electronic
Downloads: 75
[audio](Petroglyph236) REISEBURO86 - years of the reign - REISEBÜRO86
1. examination 2. overwhelm 3. rivalry 4. disproved 5. kid cover by Normal ILLustrations New great experimental/Ambient release from REISEBÜRO86. "REISEBÜRO86" is a solo project of Normal Gergely Originally he plays in the hungarian experimental noise duo called "Toth Kina Hegyfalu". This is his second release here on Petroglyph Music. You can find his first release HERE REISEBÜRO86 (website) Petroglyph Music (website) June 2...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; REISEBÜRO86; Experimental; Noise; Ambient
Downloads: 287
[audio](Petroglyph235) Mental Escape Pod - D Sessions mit Glari - Mental Escape Pod
New great release from Felix Sauermoser. This time from his project "Mental Escape Pod". other release on Petroglyph Music Felix Sauermoser is an Experimental/ Ambient producer from Austria. Mental Escape Pod (website) Petroglyph Music (website) May 31. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Mental Escape Pod; Experimental; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 58
[audio](Petroglyph234) Petroglyph Music Compilation Vol 2 - V.A
Petroglyph Music Compilation Vol 2 Tracklist: 01. Asteroid Anxiety - Quaoar I 09:58 02. Lee Kajko - 6:30 03:26 03. Blackout Borscht - A Beating 4 u 02:30 04. M.Nomized - The Last Judgment 06:08 05. kold - Into the Ice Cave 03:38 06. Fake Plastic Heads - No_IS 08:00 07. Irina Minakova - Leaving Earth 03:56 08. Mauro Sambo - 22.05.2014 06:10 09. Sven Meyer - Bipolar Vision II 08:25 10. D@P - The world of Thysanura 08:00 11...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Asteroid Anxiety; Lee Kajko; Blackout Borscht; M.Nomized; kold; Fake Plastic Heads; Irina Minakova; Mauro Sambo; Sven Meyer; D@P; HEAD JOINT; FRANK JOBBORN; Sonologyst; Jiibay Shadow Dancer; Ambient; experimental; soundscape; compilation; fusion
Downloads: 132
[audio](Petroglyph233) Meho - Winter - Meho
New great release from Meho. "The motif of the album is simple: When everybody is rejoiced about the coming of summer, I am longing for winter." "My name is Meho and I work under the project name Meho. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from time to time I reside in Sweden because of work. The creation I put out is computer based with sampled and recorded sounds which is the core, I also use some plug-ins...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Meho; Winter
Downloads: 120
[audio](Petroglyph232) Oberlin - The Humming Blues - Oberlin
New great EP from Oberlin. "The tracks on this second Oberlin-EP were recorded between June and August 2013 and mastered in March 2014. All tracks, instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, vst-synthesizers) and field-recording on track 6 by Alexander Holtz. Track 1 contains a sample from “Sending Radio Messages”, which is Public Domain." Tracklist 1. Transmission (3:09) 2. Alesch (2:12) 3. Knuckle Pad Blues (3:24) 4...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Oberlin; Experimental; Ambient; Drone; Germany
Downloads: 66
[audio](Petroglyph231) Slo-Blo - Artificial Light - Slo-Blo
We welcome Slo-Blo to our label with a really great EP. Tracklist 1. Amp 2. Fluo 3. Lux 4. Neon 5. Arc Recorded in April 2014 Sounds and Artwork by Slo-Blo Slo-Blo (website) Petroglyph Music (website) May 22. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Slo-Blo; Ambient; Drone; Experimental; atmosphere; soundscape
Downloads: 94
[audio](Petroglyph230) Petroglyph Music Compilation Vol 1 - V.A.
Petroglyph Music Compilation vol 1 Tracklist 01. Jiibay Shadow Dancer - Nowhere To Be Found 02. nobodisoundz - holy new waxx 03. Tiempo & Forma - Lugares reisitados 04. HEAD JOINT - Asteroid Hunters 05. Retro Grad - Slower Transformations 06. Sonologyst - Obscure 07. Deseo y Muerte - Playa 08. Sven Meyer - Labour Day 09. Antonio de Braga - Radiant Moment 10. My Own Cubic Stone - The Elemental 11. Dronny Darko - Pulsing Nightmare 12...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Jiibay Shadow Dancer; nobodisoundz; Tiempo & Forma; HEAD JOINT; Retro Grad; Sonologyst; Deseo y Muerte; Sven Meyer; Antonio de Braga; My Own Cubic Stone; Dronny Darko; Huixtralizer; Ajna; Ambient; Experimental; Dark Ambient; Sound art; Soundscape; Drone; Compilation; Vol 1
Downloads: 109
[audio](Petroglyph229) Scott Lawlor & Øystein Jørgensen - Spaceport 261x - Scott Lawlor & Øystein Jørgensen
Collaboration between Scott Lawlor and Øystein Jørgensen. This was originaly one long drone/Dark Ambient track that were divided into 5 sections. We welcome Scott Lawlor to our label. Scott Lawlor is a Drone / Dark Ambient producer from Corinth, United States. He is also host of Stillstream’s Blind Flight program. Øystein Jørgensen is a musicproducer/sound-designer from Norway. Focusing mostly on the darker side of music...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Scott Lawlor & Øystein Jørgensen; Scott Lawlor; Øystein Jørgensen; Ambient Fabric; Dark Ambient; Drone; Ambient; USA; Norway
Downloads: 135
[audio](Petroglyph228) Retro Grad - Retro Grad - Retro Grad
- Tracklist:01. A Beautiful Emptiness02. A full circle03. Ageless Exposition04. At the bottom of the sea05. Deep Space06. Dolphin's Highway07. Endless Area08. Innocent Escape09. Music Box10. New horizons11. New People12. Rising13. The Last Penguin14. The march at November15. The Pathetic Feelings16. White keys17. Wish We welcome Retro Grad to our label. Retro Grad - a composer (and one man band) from Zrenjanin, Serbia - treading a fine line between classical and electronic ambient music...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Retro Grad; Ambient; classial; Electronic; Serbia
Downloads: 80
[audio](Petroglyph227) Igl00 - Long Way Home - Igl00
Great release from "Igl00". Igl00 was formed as a side-project of SandSpace with intention to create deeper and more minimalistic drone ambient which was beyond the scope of genres SandSpace exists in. Driven by this intention and insomnia at the same time, SandSpace mastermind has created the project in 2013. Igl00 (website) Petroglyph Music (website) May 9. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Igl00; Dark Ambient; Dronel; Ukraine
Downloads: 158
[audio](Petroglyph226) Sonologyst - Unexplained Sounds - Sonologyst
New great release from Sonologyst. Track list: 01. Unknown sound in Finland 2:52 02. Haarp 2:56 03. Around Vancouver 2:58 04. Sound across light 2:41 05. Planetary warning 3:44 06. Mermaid 1:52 07. Arecibo collection 2:59 08. Andromeda 10:58 09. Sein und Zeit 8:59 Total running 39:59 Notes: Many people all around the world hear strange sounds in the sky, from deep ocean or somewhere else. In many cases these sounds are not identified and science still not gives an explanation for this phenomeno...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Sonologyst; experimental; Noise; Dark Ambient; Soundscape
Downloads: 142
[audio](Petroglyph225) Mechanical Mantra - Acid Puppy Antics - Mechanical Mantra
We welcome 'Mechanical Mantra' (aka. Jaani Rejsmann ) to our label. Tracklist: 1. I Am The Acid Puppy 2. Sunny Day Anyway 3. Totem Quil Fuck 4. Horror Quest 5. The Ancesters still love that techno, I Know - they told me... 6. TaekBab swamp it back tothze bacbke teim Here some info on the EP: This EP was made from scratch and mastered within 72 hours, in Hoi An, Vietnam / with a pair of Beyerdynamics (headphones) on a Lenovo laptop with Renoise and FL-Studio… A lot of coffee and Weed made this...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Mechanical Mantra; experimental; Ambient; electronic; fieldrecordings; Denmark
Downloads: 76
[audio](Petroglyph224) Klopenn - 7777 - Klopenn
New great release from Klopenn.The Klopenn crew : Yann Breizh & Zreen Toyz.All basic tracks by Yann Breizh.Additional tracks, editing and mixing by Zreen Toyz.Recorded at Studio du Coin Cornu, Cœur de Beauce, France.Sleeve Design by Graph’Hypnotic.About 7777 :We record this EP after a long and passionate discussion about the "Book of the Dead", an ancient Egyptian funerary text.This book is the gate to a dark, chaotic and mysterious world, and it also reveals surprising knowledges in astron...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Klopenn; Dark Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 84
[audio](Petroglyph223) Sven Meyer - Essence of a Journey - Sven Meyer
New great release from Sven Meyer. Sven Meyer is an electronic artist from Nuremberg, Germany. Sven grew up with the music from the 70´s till contemporary music. He was influenced by the early electronic sounds of the synthesizers and especially the early electronica from Germany. Ambient, Techno, Experimental, Noise, Electronic among his favorite genres, which he often combined together to create his characteristic sound...
Keywords: Petroglyph-music; Sven Meyer; Ambient; electronic; experimental; Germany
Downloads: 81
[audio](Petroglyph222) Asteroid Anxiety - Critical Perturbation - Asteroid Anxiety
New great release from "Asteroid Anxiety". Asteroid Anxiety - Critical Perturbation All credits: Asteroid Anxiety Dronescape/Noisescape Asteroid Anxiety has recently relocated to New Zealand. Older releases from this artist can be found here Asteroid Anxiety (website) Petroglyph Music (website) April 27. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Asteroid Anxiety; dronecsape; noisescape; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 66
[audio](Petroglyph221) Project 9.2 - Outland - Project 9.2
Tracklist: 1. Ison 2. Takk t 3. Everything has a meaning 4. All we can find in center of the subconscious 5. Call me yesterday 6. Inner wawes 7. Mission geht weite 8. Slowly lazy Tomas Perinka is back with a great new release. This time with his "Project 9.2." Tomas Perinka was born in 1974 in the Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad in Bohemian.-Lives now in Reykjavik, Iceland.Other release Tomas Perinka (Eless) Project 9.2 (website) Petroglyph Music (website) April 25...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Project 9.2; Reykjavik; Iceland; Chill; Ambient; Experimental; Soundscape
Downloads: 72
[audio](Petroglyph220) William Spivey - Primordial Dawn - William Spivey
1. Under Methane Skies 2. Pangea 3. Tidepool 4. Of Fin, Claw & Moving Things 5. Ancient Seas We welcome William Spivey to our label.William began playing drums at age 11, most active from mid-70s thru mid-80s in mainly rock bands. In '2000 he studied digital audio synthesis, editing & mixing and began composing ambient music. "Most of my sounds are created on a Mac using, at present, Metasynth with Architect...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; William Spivey; Primordial Dawn; Experimental; Dark Ambient; Soundscape; USA
Downloads: 80
[audio](Petroglyph219) Enoch's vision - Solstitium - Enoch's vision
- Third release from Csaba Szentpétery and his Dark Ambient project Enoch's vision.Tracklist:1. Moonset [0:57]2. The first 3 minutes [3:03]3. Solstitium [12:41]4. The farthest planet [5:30]5. Solar eclipse [14:13]6. Pavor nocturnus [13:55]I was born in 1981. I live in Hungary. I studied information technology and desktop publishing. I learned to play on violin on piano on synthesizer for a while. I compose experimental music since 2004, and I am constantly getting to know this genre since t...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Enoch's vision; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 69
[audio](Petroglyph218) Enoch's vision - Temple of life - Enoch's vision
Second release from Csaba Szentpétery and his Dark Ambient project Enoch's vision. Tracklist 1. Little did I dreamt that [7:00] 2. Temple of life [9:16] 3. Elege dûlõ 394 [10:02] 4. Diomede Islands [20:00] I was born in 1981. I live in Hungary. I studied information technology and desktop publishing.  I learned to play on violin on piano on synthesizer for a while. I compose experimental music since 2004, and I am constantly getting to know this genre since then, because from year to year t...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Enoch's vision; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 51
[audio](Petroglyph217) Enoch's vision - The Edge Of Eternity - Enoch's vision
We welcome Csaba Szentpétery to our label with his project "Enoch's vision" This is his dark ambient project with other-wordly themes. I was born in 1981. I live in Hungary. I studied information technology and desktop publishing. I learned to play on violin on piano on synthesizer for a while. I compose experimental music since 2004, and I am constantly getting to know this genre since then, because from year to year this music makes so many new impressions on me...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Enoch's vision; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 67
[audio](Petroglyph216) Dronny Darko - Embracing The Possibility Of Failure - Dronny Darko
New great release from Dronny Darko. Tracklist: 1. Blue Frost 2. Surrounded By Visions Of Phantoms 3. Imponderable Light 4. Echoing Halls “Of course it hurt that we could never love each other in a physical way. We would have been far more happy if we had. But that was like the tides, the change of seasons--something immutable, an immovable destiny we could never alter. No matter how cleverly we might shelter it, our delicate friendship wasn't going to last forever...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Dronny Darko; Ambient; Drone; Ukraine
Downloads: 81
[audio](Petroglyph215) Argyre Planitia & Head Joint - Broken Into 645 Pieces - Argyre Planitia & Head Joint
Great collaboration from Argyre Planitia & Head Joint.Cover art by Peter SolfTrack List010501060107010801090110ARGYRE PLANITIAI started to learn synth programming and make sounds with them in 2011.A synthesizer can sound like anything, that one has heard before – but it’s real purpose is to create sounds, that no one has ever heard before.I do not focus on music in the conventional sense (melody, rhythm), I focus on sounds...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Argyre Planitia & Head Joint; Head Joint; Argyre Planitia; Experimental; Ambient; USA; Canada; Germany
Downloads: 114
[audio](Petroglyph214) Nordlys - Sounds Of Separation - Nordlys
New great release from Nordlys Tracklist: 1. fear 2. paranoia 3. fall 4. broken 5. injury 6. scars 7. black 8. worthless Note from the producer Joël Rooth: The reason why I made this album is that I have to deal with a burn-out.  I wanted to express myself on this album. On this record I wanted more bitcrush and noise than before. I also used fieldrecordings I recorded ealier. I hope you like it...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Nordlys; Sounds of seperation; Experimental; ambient; noise; Holland
Downloads: 74
[audio](Petroglyph213) Tiempo & Forma - Parte de la Belleza - Tiempo & Forma
Wonderful new release from Tiempo & Forma. Tiempo & Forma, is the project of the argentinean guitar player Emiliano Herrera, borned in 2009, Mixing guitar textures with drum programming or playing rhythms with delayed guitar bits, most of his music is ambient, instrumental pop, instrumental guitar tracks, and sometimes songs. Tracklist: 1. Adrenalina 2. Danza 3. No sè si no es tu culpa 4. Reuniòn 5...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Tiempo & Forma; Diego Centurión; Ligia Berg; Roki Romero; guitar; ambient; Tiempo y Forma
Downloads: 165
[audio](Petroglyph212) Quoi - On a quiet night - Quoi
New amazing release from japanese sound artist Quoi. 1. Reminds me of the past. 2. The still of the night. 3. Falling into the past. 4. All night long till dawn. 5. Walking alone the shore. 6. On a quiet rainy night. All piano, beats and experimental sounds by Quoi. Quoi (website) Petroglyph Music (website) April 5. 2014
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Quoi; ambient; piano; experimental; atmosphere; Japan
Downloads: 107
[audio](Petroglyph211) Dronny Darko & SandSpace - Untitled - Dronny Darko & SandSpace
Great one track collaboration release from Dronny Darko & Sandspace. Dronny Darko is an ambient driven, drone influenced synthetic music junkie from Kiev, Ukraine. As a part of the band “MegaMass” performing prog metal mixed with ambient and sampled textures, he always liked non rhythmic sound stories and landscapes, though did not have enough time to sit and get drown in those warm and blurry waves...
Keywords: petroglyph-music; Dronny Darko; Sandspace; Ambient; Drone; Ukraine
Downloads: 91
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